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By attending this Book Midwife workshop you’ll learn: 
  •  Where to start 
  • What content to include... And what to leave out 
  •  The best style, format and length for your audience
  • The secret recipe to a great book... 
  •  How to get published 
  •  How to make sure people actually like it 
You will learn from multi-award winning entrepreneur and best selling author Mindy Gibbins-Klein who...
  •  is focused exclusively on helping entrepreneurs write books. 

  • Most writing coaches and publishers work with a range of writers, meaning their focus is spread widely. Great for them. Not great for you. Because Mindy works exclusively with entrepreneurs, she understands you and your business better than any other book coach. 

  •  combines writing knowledge and publishing knowledge to give you the competitive edge.

  • Being a book writing coach and running a publishing business, Mindy is in a unique position to give you all the knowledge you need to write a great book AND get it published. 

  •  has spent the last 16 years developing what she will be sharing with you.

  • Mindy’s methods and techniques have come from helping over 1000 entrepreneurs all over the world. With her experience and knowledge, she will get you ready to write your first book and be a published author in no time. 

  •  tackles the root cause of why most people fail to ever write a book or have it published.

  • You will discover the do’s and don’ts and the potential pitfalls to avoid when writing your book... 
  • ... Protecting you from wasting your valuable/precious time and making sure you finish your book. 
  •   will teach you how to create a winning book idea. Even if you have no idea what you would write about.

  • Whether you know what you want to write about or not, with Mindy’s unique, award-winning method you will quickly identify your book idea, structure and what content you need in the book. 
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